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Timing belt change

The timing belt must be replaced after approximately 80,000 to 120,000 kilometers. It is highly recommended to replace the timing belt if the used car was purchased from private owner.

A belt drive consists of:

  •  a V-belt (vee belt);
  • a V-belt (vee belt) tensioner;
  • a track belt;
  • a track belt tensioning roller;
  • a tension lever;
  • an idler rollers/feed rollers;
  • a gear belt/timing belt.
Timing belt change
In addition when replacing the timing belt, it is necessary to change the tensioners and rollers, as well as the water pump, if it is connected in the timing belt chain. Old rollers can get stuck and they can tear the timing belt, regardless of whether it is new or old.
Price starting from: 100 €

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