Autoservisa privilēģiju karte | Oranž Garaž

How to become the car service station Loyalty cardholder?

  • Visit the car service station OranžGaraž and repair your car for at least 99 eur.
  • If the bill amount does not reach 99 eur, the card can be purchased separately for 2 eur.
  • For corporate clients with a car park of at least 3 cars, after signing a cooperation agreement, the Loyalty Card is issued FREE OF CHARGE.

Advantages of Oranž Garaž Loyalty Cards!

  • 10% discount if ordering the repair service on the name day; and 20% discount if ordering the repair service on your birthday.
  • Special monthly offers only for loyalty cardholders with discounts up to 90%.
  • Loyalty program consists of 6 levels.
  • Each level has its own % discount (from 1% to 10%)
  • Each subsequent level can be achieved by accumulating the total amount of invoices (bills). You don’t have to do it yourself, everything will be stored in the Oranž Garaž tracking program automatically.
  • Come to the servicestation, fill in the form and receive your Big Pocket loyalty card immediately!
Level Required sum per year % for works % for spare parts % on name day (for works) % on birthday (for works)
1. 100 5% 0% 10% 20%
2. 500 6% 1% 10% 20%
3. 1000 7% 2% 10% 20%
4. 2000 8% 3% 10% 20%
5. 4000 9% 4% 10% 20%
6. 8000 10% 5% 10% 20%


  • Discounts on the name day and on birthday may not be added to other discounts due to your specific level inthe loyalty program, nor affect the prices for discounted goods and services.
  • The discount due to your specific level inthe loyalty program may not be added to any other special discount, nor affect the prices for discounted goods and services.
  • A discount means a reduction of the prices of goods and services, that corresponds to the specific level achieved by the respective loyalty card holder.


Car service station ORANŽ GARAŽ is a safe and reliable partner in the automotive industry!

  • Only those clients who are not indebted to the Oranž Garaž car service station are awarded by the next level of discounts.
  • If aclient delays payment for more than 10 days, then the discount granted to him/her is reduced by one level.
  • If you have any questions, call the corporate department by 20010012, or send a question to, and tomorrow you will be able to repair your car at the best prices in our service station!