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Running gear repair

The term “running gear” includes front and rear racks, wheels and tires. The main purpose of the running gear is to reduce vibrations that are transmitted from the uneven road surface to the car body. There are various legends about the running gear, but nothing is eternal. Sooner or later, parts such as shock absorbers, shock absorber springs, support joints, upper supports with bearings, stabilizer supports and rods will wear out.

Replacement of shock absorbers
The main purpose of the shock-absorbers is to make the road unevenness less felt while you are driving. Springs can greatly cope with this task, however they cannot prevent vibration of a car. If such swaying cannot be easily controlled, it can lead to unpleasant consequences, and your car can become difficult to drive. The shock-absorbers are set to prevent big fluctuations of a car.
Price starting from: 30 €
Replacement of ball bearings and supports
Ball support bearing Replacement - A ball support bearing is a bearing that acts like a ball. The ball joint consist of a bearing and a closed housing. All these parts are made of steel. This joint allows one part of mechanism to rotate/move around the other-device which in this way connects two parts of the machinery. We definitely recommend that you have it replaced by a specialist. Worn ball bearings can cause serious accidents, so do not forget to check them regularly for wear.
Price starting from: 15 €
The change/replacement of a bearings
A car’s wheel bearings usually warn by means of persistent howling about the end of their operational time.
A bearing is quite a simple component – the majority of the modern cars are equipped with closed double-row ball bearings which within their whole operational time don’t need any technical maintenance. Some car models are equipped with conical roller bearings.
Price starting from: 30 €
Bridge axle bushing replacement
Axle bushing replacement - bridge axle bushings ensure not only smooth driving, but also better car handling. They can be made of aluminum, rubber and plastic. Experience has shown that plastic bushings tend to break more often, so such bushings need to be replaced earlier.
Price starting from: 15 €
Bushings - silent blocks, floating bushings
Bushings - silent blocks, floating bushings - relatively frequently changed parts. In order to be able to replace the bushings and bearings in the shortest possible time, we have provided a sufficient quantity of these parts in our warehouse.
Price starting from: 15 €
Axle joint replacement
Replacement of the axle joint - The axle joint is directly exposed to the environment. Constant access to water and dirt can cause rusting on the hinge surface. Corrosion on the outer surface will facilitate the ingress of rust behind the dust covers and thus on the hinge itself. Corrosion of the axle joint can damage the ABS ring.
Price starting from: 25 €
Steering gear repairs
The steering gears of different makes and models are restored using modern technologies. When repairing the steering gears, they are completely disassembled, in order to evaluate the state of shafts, gaskets (seals) and sealing rings, and these components are replaced by new components/parts. In addition to it, after the completion of the repair works, the steering gear is checked on a stand/test bench, which imitates the operation of a steering device.
Price starting from: 15 €

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