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Car welding

Car welding is a job that requires special care and attention, as parts that are directly responsible for the safety are often welded. In order to provide the best quality to theclients, welding at our car service station is performedusing only recognized materials and techniquesbyexperts who specialize in this field. Thanks to this, we can guarantee our clients excellent quality of work and deadlines that are below the industry average.

Car body welding
Car body welding - the car body is exposed to various conditions and substances during its service life and as a result it gets damaged. In order to maintain the functionality of the car, it is necessary to repair it. We use only high-quality raw materials that guarantee high quality of work.
Price starting from: 50 €
Car exhaust pipe and muffler welding
Muffler welding - it often happens that you have to weld a certain part of the car and more often - the exhaust pipe. Usually pipe is damaged by external forces like stones, uneven road or corrosion.
Price starting from: 50 €

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