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Car maintenance

Car maintenance is important throughout the life of the car. Timely and regular car maintenance will definitely extend the life of your car.

Oil change
Oil change - the oil and oil filter should be changed every 15,000 km (data may vary by car manufacturer, model, year of manufacture and engine), if you regularly follow the oil change interval, your car's engine will last longer.
Price starting from: 15 €
Replacing the cabin filter
Replacing the cabin filter - the cabin filter is an air filter inserted in the car's ventilation system. It traps dirt, pollen, dust and other foreign matter, as well as exhaust fumes and other air pollutants.
Price starting from: 10 €
Fuel filter replacement
Fuel filter replacement - The fuel filter separates the fuel from the dirt and water that forms in the fuel tank as condensate. Irregular replacement of the fuel filter can lead to a number of problems with the car's engine, difficult starting of the engine, loss of power and even engine stalling.
Price starting from: 15 €
Replacing the air filter
Replacing the air filter - the air filter is the only element that prevents dust and other foreign objects from entering the car's intake system. Failure to replace the air filter in a timely manner may adversely affect engine performance and result in serious engine damage.
Price starting from: 5 €

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