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Car engine cooling system

The car’s engine cooling system must be maintained in good condition to prevent overheating of the engine, which can lead to major engine damages.

Car water pump replacement
All engines are cooled by air, but in most cases another aid is used to dissipate heat to the air - water, tosole, antifreeze. A pump is required for the liquid to circulate. A centrifugal pump is mostly used for this purpose. It is driven from the engine by a belt.
Price starting from: 30 €
Thermostat replacement for car
A thermostat is a device for maintaining a constant temperature. Its task is to open at a certain temperature and run the liquid further into the large cooling circuit. When warming up the engine, the thermostat restricts the circulation of coolant through the radiator - the engine heats up much faster.
Price starting from: 30 €
Car engine radiator replacement
The radiator consists of many thin aluminum tubes, which are connected to each other by small plates to create a large surface that helps to dissipate heat in the air. The radiator is usually placed in front of the car and is often damaged by small stones.
Price starting from: 30 €
Engine coolant change
There are three colors (and types) of antifreeze available today: green, red and yellow. The first two of these are more common. The coolant not only cools, but also protects the engine and cooling system from corrosion provided by inhibitor additives.
Price starting from: 15 €

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