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Brake repair and maintenance

Every car must be serviced or repaired during operation.

Good technical condition of braking system of a car is one of the main components of road safety, so it is important to pay attention to it and check it at least twice a year.

Brake disc replacement (2 pcs.)
The brake discs must be replaced when the brake discs are subject to excessive wear, the steering wheel or the entire vehicle vibrates during braking, and if the brake discs are severely corroded.
Price starting from: 25 €
Brake pad replacement (front / rear)
The brake pads must be replaced when the brake pad replacement warning light is on in the vehicle's instrument panel. It signals that the brake linings have reached their maximum allowable wear. If there is an unpleasant squeaking sound from the wheel during braking, it will definitely be the sound from worn brake pads
Price starting from: 25 €
Brake system diagnostics and repair
Brake system diagnostics and repairs include replacement of brake pads, replacement or repair of brake cylinders, calipers and caliper guides, parking brake adjustment and brake system fluid change, electric handbrake repair.
Price starting from: 15 €
Parking brake system repair
The parking brake must be repaired if the car continues to roll when the parking brake is applied or the rear brake discs become very hot while driving.
Price starting from: 20 €

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