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Airconditioner refilling and conditioner repair

If your cars air conditioner does not cool the air sufficiently or does not cool it at all, it may be time to refill or repair the air conditioner. We refill the car air conditioner with specialized equipment. When filling the air conditioner, technicians must take into account several important factors – the peculiarities of the air conditioner design, type of refrigerant, operating temperature conditions and calculation the exact amount of refrigerant. There are several factors that can affect the operation of a car air conditioner: worn cabin air filter, damaged seals or O-rings, fault in the compressor, fault in the radiator, fault in the system filter, damaged electronic system.

Replacement of cabin air filters
Replacing the cabin filter - the cabin filter is an air filter inserted in the car's ventilation system. It traps dirt, pollen, dust and other foreign matter, as well as exhaust fumes and other air pollutants.
Price starting from: 15 €
Conditioner diagnostics and leak detection
At the time of diagnostics of the air conditioning system, the following operations are performed: remaining gas is pumped out of the air conditioning system, vacuum is created in the air conditioning system to check its tightness, checked that the air conditioning system is free of moisture and various other impurities. System then is filled with refrigerant gas and oils with ultraviolet additives. Ultraviolet or UV additives helps to locate the leak in cases when the system is not sufficiently hermetic.
Price starting from: 35 €
Pipeline repair
Pipeline repair - the piping of the air conditioning system is mostly made of aluminum alloy and rubber, which under the direct influence of the environment and as a result of sharp temperature changes oxidizes quickly, as a result of which the aluminum pipe walls can not withstand the pressure of the air conditioning compressor.
Price starting from: 30 €
Antibacterial treatment (removal of unpleasant odour)
During the antibacterial treatment, bacteria are destroyed, unpleasant aroma, fungi, allergenic microorganisms are eliminated.
Price starting from: 25 €
Air conditioner compressor repair
A compressor is a device that compresses the refrigerant gas and turns it into a liquid. If the compressor is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced. A damaged compressor usually contaminates the entire air conditioning system with metal shavings. When installing the compressor, it is recommended to clean the rest of the air system from shavings. Otherwise, they will damage the new or repaired compressor.
Price starting from: 50 €
Airconditioner refilling
Filling the car air conditioner system with R134a gas.
Price starting from: 35 €

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