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Brake system repair

Brake pads, brake shoes

Every car, within its operation time, needs the technical maintenance or repairs of its braking system.

Of course, the brake shoes and pads shall be changed the most frequently.

One can determine the deterioration of brake pads:

  • during a visual inspection, when changing tires or when performing other repair works;
  • judging from the brake pad indicators,
  • from a metal sound which is heard when braking;

When dismantling the brake pads, don’t forget to inspect:

  • the state of the brake discs;
  • the state of the dust guard of the brake guides;
  • the state of the brake supports;
  • the state of other mechanisms of the braking system.

Brake discs

Almost all modern cars have been equipped with disc brakes for the front wheels. A car’s front brake discs provide up to 80% of the braking force, and they usually wear out faster than the rear discs. Due to a bigger load, they should be changed more frequently than the rears brake discs.

One method to determine that the brake discs have worn out is a metal creaking sound which is heard when braking. However, the noise isn’t the best indicator. Our recommendation – in order the brake discs serve for a longer period of time, it is important regularly to perform the check and repair works of the brake discs.

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