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Anti- corrosion treatment

During the winter and frost period, your car shouldn’t suffer from salt and corrosion impact, because the car service center Orange Garage offers you to perform the professional anti-corrosion treatment of your car. During the anti-corrosion treatment, the treatment materials of the well-known manufacturers are used.

The course of the process:

  • The following parts, which could hamper the normal course of the treatment process, are dismantled from your car’s bottom – guards, protections, wings, fenders, exhaust pipes, exhaust pipe guards, spare wheels;
  • The dry treatment of your car’s bottom is performed with the specially for this purpose designed abrasive discs which guarantee the safety for the installation wires, protecting them from moisture, as well as thanks to the dry treatment, the bottom is cleaned from dirt and rust deposits;
  • The corrosive (rusty) places of your car’s bottom are treated with the special anti-corrosion layer of prime coating, the bottom of the car is prepared for the anti-corrosion bituminous treatment, those places which shall not undergo the anti-corrosion treatment process, are covered with the protective film;
  • When your car is fully ready for the treatment, its bottom is treated with the anti-corrosive bitumen, and the protective wax is being filled into the car’s doors and cavities. When your car’s surface is coated with the anti-corrosive treatment bitumen, the car’s bottom is left for drying.

When your car’s bottom has dried to the necessary drying level, the dismantled parts have to be mounted to your car’s bottom. And finally the car’s owner can get his/her car back.

In our car service, we:

Will advise you in detail on all issues related to the repair and maintenance of your car

Will offer the most optimal price for repair works and spare parts

Will offer the most convenient time for you to visit the car service station

If necessary, we will provide a tow truck

Six-month warranty for repair work

Loyalty program participants up to 20% discount