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Running gear repairs

The change/replacement of the bridge axle-bearings

The bridge axle-bearings ensure not only the even driving, but also a better steerability of a car. They can be produced of aluminum, rubber and plastic which mostly are used in an economic assembly/completion of a car. The experience shows that plastic axle-bearings tend to burst more often, that’s why the change/replacement of the bridge axle-bearings for such cars should be made more frequently.

The change/replacement of ball and socket bearings

The ball and socket bearings are the bearings which are made in the form of balls, and their principle of work is similar to a ball’s rolling. Ball and socket bearings consist of a bearing and of a socket in a closed casing, and all of these components are manufactured of steel.

The steering gear

The steering gears of different makes and models are restored using modern technologies. When repairing the steering gears, they are completely disassembled, in order to evaluate the state of shafts, gaskets (seals) and sealing rings, and these components are replaced by new components/parts. In addition to it, after the completion of the repair works, the steering gear is checked on a stand/test bench, which imitates the operation of a steering device.

After making sure that a gear operates properly and that there are no defects in its operation – a steering gear is installed on a car. In order to achieve a better result, the liquid/fluid should be changed in the steering booster system; before this, the steering booster system should be cleaned up. When changing the steering gear of a car, the toe-in angles of a car shall be set/regulated.

The change/replacement of a bearings

A car’s wheel bearings usually warn by means of persistent howling about the end of their operational time.

A bearing is quite a simple component – the majority of the modern cars are equipped with closed double-row ball bearings which within their whole operational time don’t need any technical maintenance. Some car models are equipped with conical roller bearings.

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