The change/replacement of the air filters in the car passenger compartment

The change/replacement of the air filters in the car passenger compartment

What functions does a car passenger compartment filter perform?

A passenger compartment filter is an air filter which is located in a car's ventilation system. It collects mud, dust, pollen and other foreign bodies, as well as exhaust gases and other air pollution.


What are the indications which show that a passenger compartment filter is clogged up?

-          Air penetrability is reduced

-          Air flow is reduced, although a ventilator operates at its full capacity

-          The windows of a car become fogged up very fast from the inside of a car during wet weather

-          Unpleasant odors are felt in a passenger compartment


How often should a passenger compartment filter be changed?

The intervals can vary depending on the circumstances in which a car is used. For example, when you every day drive your car on dirty roads, a passenger compartment filter becomes clogged up very fast in comparison with a car which is driven on clean and asphalted roads.


Under Latvian road circumstances, a passenger compartment filter should be changed each time you perform a technical maintenance of your car or once per year.


Our experts will state the necessity to change a passenger compartment filter after its visual inspection. 


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