Xenon light installation


Xenon is a beaming which is given by the special high-pressure gas discharge lamps filled with the noble gas - xenon. These bulbs have no filament, and the light arises from the arc discharge between two electrodes at both ends of a bulb. Each bulb is equipped with a separate high-frequency converter, which generates the voltage on the electrodes of up to 25000 volts.


Under similar power conditions, xenon generates 3 times brighter light than ordinary halogen bulbs; that’s why the visibility in the night becomes even better, when using xenon lamps;

Xenon consumes up to 66% less electric energy than halogen bulbs;

The service life period of xenon bulbs is up to 3 - 5 times longer than of halogen bulbs;

Xenon bulbs provide the lighting which is similar to the daylight, which improves a driver’s dimensional vision (eyesight), the perception of colors and contrasts;

Xenon several times enhances the visibility under the low visibility circumstances – during rain, fog or in snowstorm.


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