Tire storage


In order the summer and winter tires don’t lose their quality, the car service center Orange Garage will store them in an appropriate manner and in a suitable place.


Why should the tires be stored under the certain conditions?

The tires shall not be kept in wet places, as well as they shall not be exposed to the direct sunlight, because it influences the quality of the tires and your safety on the road, when driving your car. When replacing/changing the winter tires to the summer tires, it is important to clean the tires and to clean their threads, in order they wouldn’t deform during the storage time.


It is important to remember that the tires with discs shall be store by hanging them horizontally, but the tires without discs, in their turn, shall be stored in the vertical position.


Additionally, you shouldn’t worry about a place where to keep the tires which are not currently topical for this particular season; they won’t occupy place either on your loggia, or in the cellar, or somewhere else.


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