The steering gear – steering wheel fingers and bars


The steering gears of different makes and models are restored using the modern technologies. When repairing the steering gears, they are completely disassembled, in order to evaluate the state of shafts, gaskets (seals) and sealing rings, and these components are replaced by new components/parts. In addition to it, after the completion of the repair works, the steering gear is checked on a stand/test bench, which imitates the operation of a steering device.

After making sure that a gear operates properly and that there are no any defects in its operation – a steering gear is installed on a car. In order to achieve a better result, the liquid/fluid should be changed in the steering booster system; before this, the steering booster system should be cleaned up. When changing the steering gear of a car, the toe-in angles of a car shall be set/regulated.


The works to be done:

  • The diagnostics of the steering gear;
  • Demounting and setting of the steering gear;
  • Dismantling and assembling of the steering gear;
  • Checking on a stand/test bench;
  • Checking and regulation of a toe-in;
  • Repair and restoration of the steering gear;
  • Regulation and control of the steering gear.


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