The diagnostics and leakage determining


Why it is necessary to perform the system diagnostics?

The operation of a conditioning system can be negatively influenced by:

-          Liquid evaporation during a car operation time

-          Constant vibration

-          Changes in temperature


How often should the diagnostics of a conditioner be performed?

Our specialists recommend performing the diagnostics of the conditioning system at least once per year.


What are the most characteristic defects in an auto air conditioning system?

-          Damage or depreciation (tear and wear) of connections/joints

-          Corrosion or mechanical damages in the system’s pipes, tubes or in the radiator

-          Lessening of elasticity of the rubber sealing parts (rubber sealant)


How is the diagnostics of an auto conditioner performed?

-          Checking of the gas level in the conditioning system

-          Analyzing of the pressure readings

-          Temperature test of the air flow which comes into a car’s passenger compartment

-          Checking of the air flow sufficiency

-          Checking of the operational ability of the ventilators of an evaporator and of a condenser

-          Checking whether there are unpleasant smells

-          Checking the system elements operation

-          Checking of the operational ability of the compressors

-          Checking of the operational ability of the conditioning system

-          The diagnostics of the tightness of the conditioning system

-          Error reading and system activation


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