Auto testing and auto diagnostics prior buying


Do you want to purchase a car, but you don’t know how to test it?

Do you know that the factory-furnished equipments, mileage of travel in km, a car’s body parts and other elements have been changed on more than 75% of cars which can be found in Latvia? However all the owners of cars state that their cars are original and coming from the automobile manufacturing factory, all parts are original, and that there were no road traffic accidents.

An ordinary person without any special knowledge has no possibility to recognize such a car and to notice any changes and lack of correspondence to the original cars and their elements coming from the automobile manufacturing plants. That’s why exactly for this purpose the following is offered:

A new service in the auto market.

The orange auto experts offer:

The detailed and especially thorough auto testing/ diagnostics before buying!


The pre-buying special testing includes:

-stating of the real car’s mileage of travel in km;

-the diagnostics and testing of the running gear;

-the detailed inspection of a car’s body (whether a car had got into any road traffic accidents or not);

-measuring of color thickness (whether any part of a car has been painted/straightened);

-checking the state of a car’s parts (whether the parts have been replaced/changed, and which exactly);

-connecting a car to the computer/the detailed computer diagnostics (searching for the invisible defects);

-checking a car’s electronics and equipments (whether everything operates without any fault and hasn’t been changed);

-checking a car’s assemblies/completion and a passenger compartment (whether the existing assemblies/completion correspond to the factory-furnished equipments).


After the special inspection, our expert will determine the state of a car, as well as the written opinion/adjudgement will be issued for you regarding the actual state of a particular car. As well as the friendly recommendations will be given to you – whether to buy this particular car or it's better to find another car.


The discounts starting from 5% for the Orange Garage Company’s privilege cardholders!

Please, call to get more information regarding this service - 26006006

We provide the warranty for all the works!

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