Engine oil change


It is recommended to change engine oil and its filter after 15 000 km of mileage. If you regularly remember to change your engine oil, your car's engine will work longer. For this purpose, we offer you the motor oils and lubricants of the highest quality for the best prices!






Mobil Super 2000 10W-40

The motor oil which has been produced on the synthetic base. It has shown the outstanding testing results in the laboratories of Mobil and in practice. The selected complex of admixtures guarantees its superiority over any other mineral oil. This oil enhances the protection against deterioration and prolongs the service life of your car’s engine. Thanks to this oil, the perfect operation of the engine is achieved under any temperature conditions and in any operating regime. Mobil Super 2000 10W-40 could be used in any type of four-stroke petrol and diesel engines, with a turbo-supercharging or without it.


1 L pouring

8.52 EUR/L

Mobil Super 3000  5w40

The fully synthetic motor oil with the highest performance which corresponds to the latest requirements of the manufacturers of the petrol and diesel engines. It has been produced from the synthetic base oils which have been enriched with a special complex of admixtures. It guarantees the cleanness of an engine, reduces the oil consumption, enhances the stability under extreme temperature conditions and guarantees the protection against deterioration. Mobil Super 3000 5W-40 is recommended for all petrol and diesel engines which have been installed on any type of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with multi-valve systems, with a turbo-supercharging or without it.







1 L pouring







 9.94 EUR/L

Eurol Super Lite   5w 40        

A fully synthetic motor oil for petrol and diesel engines

1 L pouring                    

6.66 EUR

Eurol Turbosyn 10w 40

A semi-synthetic motor oil

1 L pouring                  

5.11 EUR

Antifreeze - Green      



1 L pouring                    

3.00 EUR


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