Coolant change


All the motors are being cooled by air, however in majority of cases some additional cooling means are used, in order heat could be led/conducted into the air – it may be water, coolant or antifreeze.


Nowadays, the antifreezes of three colors (and types) are available: green, red and yellow. The most widespread are the two first mentioned antifreezes.


Antifreezes serve:

1) to provide the protection of an engine and of the cooling system against corrosion (which is achieved thanks to inhibitor admixtures);
2) to seal any microckracks in a radiator;
3) to oil a pump.


How to understand that the antifreeze needs changing? The simplest and the safest way (in order not to have your car's engine overheated one day) is to check regularly an antifreeze tank in the area of the motor, where one can clearly see, whether the liquid is still at the sufficient level.


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