Car painting


The car painting works can be performed not only after road traffic accidents, after any other road incidents or in case of other visible defects, but they can be performed, when you simply want to renew your car’s paint, in order to make it shine and not to become rusty!


We offer the painting of one part of your car’s body starting from 60 EUR.


Polishing starting from EUR 45

A car’s preparation for painting starting from EUR 15

Painting of one car’s detail (part) starting from EUR 60

Roof/hood painting starting from EUR 100

Anti-corrosion treatment starting from EUR 70

Free estimation of works


The price to paint one car’s part/detail includes all the necessary materials, as well as the following works:

  • drawing-up of the repair work estimation.
  • cleaning of a corresponding part from salt, bitumen, etc.
  • dismantling of a part (removal/demounting of moldings, turn signals/indicators, windscreen washers, handles).
  • preparation of a part for its painting (puttying/filling of small defects, polishing of a part).
  • priming, drying and polishing of the dried prime paint/prime coating.
  • painting and drying of a part in the car painting chamber.
  • polishing of the painted part (in case of painting, with a passing on to an adjacent part).
  • assembly of the painted part.
  • car wash after the repair works


The discounts starting from 5% for the Orange Garage Company’s privilege cardholders!

Please, call to get more information regarding this service - 26006006

We provide the warranty for all the works!

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