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About us


Hello, dear visitor!

Haven’t you still found a specialist whom you could entrust your car without worrying about it? Or you just want to try something new!?
Don’t think a lot, but come to our car service center!    

Our orange team will offer you a high-quality, polite, fast and budget-friendly ROUND-THE-CLOCK servicing.

Did you know that the orange color symbolizes life, intelligence, positive attitude, friendship and creativity?

Exactly such are the specialists in the car service center Orange Garage - active in their daily work, reasonable regarding the price formation policy, positive in their daily activities, friendly and creative in their thinking. The roomy spaces of the car service center allow simultaneously providing the servicing for up to 12 cars, additionally to it the service is available to its customers on a daily basis around-the-clock. 


We offer also the filling of the air-conditioner of your car, as well as the installation of the gas equipment, for which your purse will be especially thankful when your car will be filled with gas, but not with petrol or diesel fuel!

Why to choose us? 
After coming to our car service center, you can entrust all the problems to our car service center's manager, who:

  • will provide you with a detailed consultation on all the matters relating to your car’s repair and technical maintenance,
  • will adjust for you the most appropriate price for repairs and spare parts, and will grant you a friend’s pleasant discount,
  • will coordinate with you the most convenient time for visiting the car service center,
  • if necessary, your car will be provided with a wrecker;
  • will personally meet you at our car service center,
  • will hear and record all your wishes pertaining to the expected repair,
  • if necessary, will provide an exchange car at your disposal,
  • will control and follow up your car's repair and technical maintenance process,
  • will inform you and will agree with you all the issues that will appear in the course of the repair works or in the course of the technical maintenance process,
  • at the end of the repair works or of the technical maintenance, will take the car from the car service center and will check the quality of all the work which has been performed,
  • will advise you on the completion of the performance of the works and will agree with you the time when it would be convenient for you to take the car back,
  • will personally meet you and will provide you with the detailed information on all the repair work which has been done,
  • will prepare in advance all the necessary documents for payment and will arrange all the formalities,
  • will accompany you to your car and will provide you with the free exit from the territory,
  • will delight you with a friendly and enjoyable bonus for the next visit.

We are not perfect, but we strive to become better and better. Thanks to people for their understanding and trust!

What is our real motto? Reliable and trustworthy partners in the world of cars! 

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  • Jurijs Pavlovs

    Быстрый и качественный ремонт. Уже в который раз обращаюсь именно к ним. Цены очень приятны. И посоветуют, и помогут выбрать наилучшее решение. Были недоработки после последнего ремонта, так они все решили оперативно.
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  • Julia Mongolka

    Всегд чиню машину в этом сервисе.Очень хорошее обслуживание.Все ребята приветливые.
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  • Rihards Balašs

    Ļoti labs serviss, pretīmnākoši darbinieki, darbu izdara ātri un kvalitatīvi, pakonsultē par autiņa stāvokli un dod padomu, ja tāds nepieciešams!
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  • Jānis Ārents

    Izcila attieksme, darbu izdara ātri un kvalitatīvi, pretīmnakoši, zinoši darbinieki ar spēju uzlabot dienu, kad autiņš nobrucis un garstāvoklis nekāds. Viegli piebraukt, kā arī darba laiks ļoti izdevīgs. Nav bijis problēmu, jau vairāk kā gadu izvēlos šo autoservisu. Iesaku arī citiem :)
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